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SMS Policy

Opt-In Policy:

Express Consent Requirement: We are committed to following best practices for SMS communication, which means we only send messages to users who have given us their express consent. You must explicitly request to receive SMS notifications from us by [describe the method – e.g., checking a consent box, sending a specific keyword, filling out a consent form, etc.].

No Implied Consent: We do not consider implied consent sufficient. Simply purchasing a product, interacting with our services, or being on a purchased list does not automatically enroll you in SMS notifications. You must actively choose to receive messages from us.

Specific Campaign Consent: Each of our messaging campaigns is distinct. If you agree to receive SMS messages for one purpose (e.g., order notifications), it does not enroll you in other types of messages (e.g., marketing promotions). You must give your explicit permission for each campaign or message type.

Opt-Out Policy:

Easy Opt-Out: We respect your right to discontinue receiving messages at any time. If you wish to opt-out, you can simply text “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to our number. This will immediately remove you from our SMS communication lists.

Opt-Out Instructions Included: Every informational or promotional SMS message sent by us will include clear instructions on how to opt out of future messages.

Manual Opt-Out Management: If you’re receiving messages via long-code or toll-free SMS services outside of our High Volume SMS solution, please note that we manually process opt-out requests. We diligently monitor and process each request to ensure no further messages are sent to subscribers who have expressed their wish to opt-out.

Alternative Opt-Outs: If you communicate your desire to opt-out through other methods, we will honor these requests. You are encouraged to ensure that your request has been acknowledged and confirmed.

Commitment to Compliance:

We strictly adhere to CTIA guidelines and local regulations concerning SMS communications and user consent. Your privacy and communication preferences are of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure a respectful and compliant communication environment.

By consenting to receive SMS messages, you acknowledge and agree to our communication guidelines as outlined above.